Employee Testimonials

“I am very proud to be part of such a respected and successful company as Anchor-Ventana. It is the type of company I aspired to work for.”

“Your installers have been top notch. Really a great team to work with!”

“I view Anchor-Ventana as a second family. The people are supportive and the work is challenging. Our company culture is based on open communication, dedication and teamwork.”

“Anchor-Ventana provides it’s employees with the best resources, technology and continuous improvement programs in the industry. It is refreshing to see a company value it’s employees to this level and our customers benefit from this investment.”

“This is hands down the best place I have ever worked at. Great everything… great pay, team, staff, and management.”

“Anchor-Ventana has a very positive and productive work environment that emphasizes a team based approach.”

“Anchor-Ventana is family. They have always treated their employees like family. Anchor-Ventana is fair, honest and trustworthy, always on the up and up. I have been here a long, long time and would never even think about leaving.”