Glass Table Tops for the kitchen

The kitchen table is known around the world as the gathering place of friends and family. These are the people we are most transparent with. What better represents the atmosphere surrounding your kitchen or dining room table than glass? Strong, clean, and beautiful are the qualities that a glass table top emits.

No matter the décor of your kitchen or dining room, glass is the optimum choice to accent it. Whether it be to cover your current kitchen or dining room table or to add a durable new addition, a glass table top is the right choice to make.


Glass offers an endless amount of options when considering table tops. There are so many to choose from and they can  be interchanged to create your own unique table.

  • Shape – a variety of custom shapes for any space or table
  • Color and pattern – tinted, back painted, digitally-printed, frosted, graphic designs
  • Edging – beveled, rounded, ogee, bull nose, double bevel or waterfall

Anchor-Ventana is the only glass company in the Greater Austin area that provides in-house glass beveling. We also specialize in custom back painted glass, use digitally imprinted glass, DecoTherm Digital and custom laminated options for placing designs on glass.


Tempered glass table tops are the best choice when looking for a glass kitchen table. Rivaling any commercial kitchen surface, it is almost shocking that glass is not used more often. 

  • Heat-resistant
  • Safe
  • Easy clean-up

The tempered glass table top is heat-resistant, so there will be no worries when placing hot items directly on the table. It takes quite a blow to actually break tempered glass, but if it does break, it breaks into small, pebble-like pieces.

Most importantly, glass is easily cleaned with simple soap and water. Wood is known for retaining bacteria, but with a glass kitchen table top, bacteria is easily eradicated.

Anchor-Ventana is the premier glass company in the Greater Austin, providing exceptional service to our customers. We can custom fit glass for any table top, existing or desired.


Nothing brightens up an area like glass. Whether your kitchen is large or small, traditional or contemporary, glass is a perfect addition. With today’s technology, a new dimension can be achieved beyond anything ever imagined.

Smaller rooms look larger with a glass table. They are the perfect way to showcase tile or decorative area rugs. A glass table goes with any style of kitchen, making the old look new and accentuating any contemporary look.

If color is desired, the spectrum is endless. Whether it be a solid color such as with back painting or an accent color within a graphic design, a glass table top will add that custom look to your kitchen that enhances your home for years to come.

Nobody adds style to glass table tops in Austin like Anchor-Ventana Glass. We use the latest technology and partner with vendors and suppliers to bring your ideas to life.

Versatile, durable, stylish and clean, glass table tops improve any kitchen. With endless combinations to stimulate your home’s décor, glass is the ultimate option to choose when updating your kitchen’s look. Add that to its lasting quality and clean, sleek look, and you have the most lustrous kitchen in the Austin area.

Anchor-Ventana would love to help you create or recreate your kitchen or dining room table. Visit our show room and imagine the possibilities.