Our Team

Our Team - Anchor-Ventana team at company breakfast

“We are Anchor-Ventana Glass”

Call us idealists, but we don’t see ourselves as just another glass company.

For 40 years, we’ve weathered the Great Recession and numerous other economic bumps in the road that took out many good construction companies. Glass can be fire resistant, bullet proof and even protect against explosions. But it is not recession proof. We have been in business for nearly four decades, not because we’re in the glass business, but because we’re in the people business.

We Value Our Dedicated Team of Employees

We treat our employees and customers equally. In so many ways, we try to follow the golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We are proud of our fully licensed and insured team. Collectively, they have more than 550 years’ experience. They stay with us for the same reasons customers do: we treat them fairly and honestly.

More importantly, we value them as much or more than you will when they work for you. We don’t have “expectations” of our craftsmen. They have expectations of themselves. And that is what separates us from other companies.

Check our references from general contractors, business owners, property managers and homeowners on this website. They can tell the story of our team better than we can.

We invite you to join our family. We are Anchor-Ventana Glass.