Update Your Bathroom with a Frameless Shower

Nothing makes a bathroom in the home feel more modern and luxurious than a frameless shower. Show off your tile work with a seamless frameless shower enclosure. The frameless glass creates a clean and open feel, allowing you to enjoy a modern look to your bathroom. By working with Anchor-Ventana Glass, you can have a beautiful bathroom to enjoy for years to come. As experts in the glass industry, Anchor-Ventana Glass is the go-to company when it comes to a variety of glass needs.

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Remodel Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Cabinet Glass and Shelves | Anchor Ventana Glass

A house is not a home without a heart, and the heart of every home is the kitchen. Humans are social animals. We like to gather together in the places which make us feel most comfortable. In most homes, that place just happens to be the kitchen. Whenever guests are over or family gathers for the holidays, people naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to relax and have a chat, without the hosts feeling like they are neglecting their guests.

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Important Design Tips for Custom Glass Showers

Frameless Showers | Frameless Mirrors | Contemporary Bathroom | White Bathroom with Glass and Tile Details

Enhancing your shower using custom glass is a great way to update your bathroom. There are so many ways that you can completely transform your bathroom with a dash of imagination and a keen eye for design. Custom glass also gives you the freedom to utilize space in the best way possible. So, no matter the size of your bathroom, you can have a beautifully designed shower enclosure.

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Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom for Spring

Frameless Showers | Frameless Mirrors | Contemporary Bathroom | White Bathroom with Glass and Tile Details

Spring is the time of year for new beginnings. With the flowers in bloom, you will want your interior living space to look as bright and vibrant as your garden. Spring cleaning goes a long way toward making a home look fresh and new. There is nothing like an upgrade to completely change your home’s style and comfort.

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Why Buy Custom Mirrors?

Frameless Showers | Frameless Mirrors | Contemporary Bathroom | White Bathroom with Glass Details

Mirrors are an important feature in our everyday lives. It is not uncommon to find mirrors in most, if not every room in the home. However, if mirrors are not the right size, shape, or style they can become nothing more than impractical eyesores.

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Remodel with Moving Glass Wall Systems (Sliding Glass doors)

Butt Glazed Glass | Contemporary Home | Modern Home | Anchor-Ventana Glass

Moving wall systems come in a number of styles and designs. With moving wall systems, you can create a uniform style throughout your home, or choose a different style for every room. Remodeling with moving wall systems will completely transform the look of your home. Moving wall systems are also a great practical choice for homes with limited space. As the door does not open up into the room, you can better utilize the available space without obstruction. In addition to that space-saving functionality, mirrored or glass room dividers provide a greater sense of space and openness in smaller homes and rooms.

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Upgrading Your Bathroom with Glass

Upgrading a bathroom can be a very involved project. But once your bathroom upgrade is complete, you will find that a bathroom upgrade delivers a significant increase in resale value for your home. While you are updating your plumbing, hardware and fixtures, it is the perfect time to consider the beauty and functionality of glass for a unique and stylish look.

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Interior Glass Walls: Design Ideas for Your Home

If you are looking for a unique way to add dimension to your interior design, consider using glass walls as dividing structures in your home. Often overlooked as a material for walls, doors and dividers, glass can provide separation to a space without making the room seem dark or small. Open up your home and add interesting elements to your design with the addition of glass walls and structures.

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Getting Creative with Mirrors

The reflective qualities of mirrors can transform your home design in ways you may not have considered. Mirrors offer both beauty and function, from stunning mirrors in beautiful frames for an accent wall to full mirror walls within a walk-in closet. If you are looking for a creative way to add depth and the illusion of space to your home, get creative with mirrors for your interior design.

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Open Up Your View with Glass Handrails

You work hard and spend money creating the landscaping in your yard or property. You want it to look nice from your deck or balcony but your railings get in the way of the nice view. How do you make sure your elevated space is safe while preserving the beauty of a breathtaking view? Anchor-Ventana has the answer: Custom Glass Handrail Systems.

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Dress Up Cabinet Doors with Glass Inserts

Want to add a little excitement or elegance to your tired and boring cabinets? Anchor-Ventana Glass has a great way to spruce up your residential and commercial spaces. Adding glass inserts to the doors of your cabinets can personalize, beautify,

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The Importance of Proper Installation of Shower Doors

Showers have come a long way over the past several decades. In times past, a simple curtain would partition a shower from the rest of the bathroom. Eventually, the glass-framed shower door was introduced, followed by glass shower stalls. The metal frames, generally aluminum, held it all together with some screws, glue and plastic molding.

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Glasstop Tables for the Kitchen

Versatile, durable, stylish and clean, glass table tops improve any kitchen. With endless combinations to stimulate your home’s décor, glass is the ultimate option to choose when updating your kitchen’s look. Add that to its lasting quality and clean, sleek look, and you have the most lustrous kitchen in the Austin area.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen with Glass Countertops

The kitchen is the focal point of our home where quality time is spent with family and friends. Regardless of the kind of party you are hosting it seems that your guests usually end up hanging out in the kitchen and adjacent rooms. Why not have a kitchen that functionally inspires you while impressing your guests? After serving over 500,000 customers, Anchor-Ventana Glass is the best place to get the best idea on how to give your kitchen the “Glass Touch”.

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First LEED Platinum Project for Commercial Interiors in Austin

Our team installed the interior glass for this project! Green Mountain Energy offices earn LEED’s top score.

Clear Glass Wall - Office Building

1/2″ Glass Door and Glass Wall

Green Mountain Energy Co. is seeing platinum. LEED Platinum, that is.

The Austin-based renewable energy company was

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The Glass Bathroom Wall – Love it or Bare it?

This is not a shower door….it is a wall for the “water closet”

Glass walls in architecture are nothing new. You’ll occasionally see them act as an entire wall of windows. But how do you feel when glass walls are …

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Operation Finally Home – Augie Pena

Operation finally Home  Anchor-Ventana Glass

was part of Operation Finally Home, a program for one of our local Iraq Veterans – Augustine “Augie” Pena. Our team donated labor & installed the glass products for Augie’s home built in Jonestown.  Thanks to Henley Homes, …

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Easy Cleaning

Protect Shower Glass

ShowerGuard protection resists buildup from even the hardest water.

Water described as hard is high in dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium.  Over time, these minerals can build up on shower glass, making it appear dirty or …

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