When was the last time you got excited about waking up and getting ready for the day? If it’s been a while it’s probably time for a bathroom remodel. Our installation experts can make sure that the remodeling process becomes a dream instead of a nightmare. Over 500,000 people have trusted us to beautify their world.

The two most popular shower types are Frameless and Framed.

What type of shower enclosure is best for you?

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Showers gives your bathroom the all-glass look. It’s considered a high-end design and adds a look of elegance.

  • Easier to clean than framed showers
  • Almost unlimited design layouts
  • Not limited to size requirements
  • They look amazing! Opens up your bathroom

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed showers can look just as elegant. They use a thinner sheet of glass which is reinforced by the metal frame.

  • More cost-effective
  • Highly effective against water leaks
  • Several options of different types of metal frames to match your bathroom decor
  • Traditional clean look

Whichever enclosure style you choose, Anchor-Ventana Glass can help you create the custom shower of your dreams. Contact us today to get a free estimate or stop by our Round Rock, Texas showroom to look around!