Ventanaman is the guy who shows up early for work and stays late to get the job done.

I’m the one who dresses and acts professionally in any situation. I listen and learn from many experts, then use the best parts to produce spectacular work for you, my valued customer.

I’m present in every job we do, in every employee we have, in every statement we make. I don’t wear a cape or leap buildings in a single bound; the only power I hold is an honest commitment to work hard and do my best for you. When you talk with one of us at Anchor-Ventana Glass, you’re talking to me.

My customers meet me every day because I exist in the minds of our employees. In a way, I’m the conscience of Anchor-Ventana Glass. I am in our mission statement, our guidelines and our policies that treat customers and employees with equal respect. I’m there, even if you don’t see me.

I set an idealistic goal of total customer satisfaction by providing the very best services and products. I continually seek to improve our staff, our products, and our company to ensure my high standards. So welcome to the world of VentanaMan and 600+ years of combined experience.