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  Glass is an everyday part of our lives. From glancing in a mirror before we start our day to driving to work and looking through the windshield, glass is everywhere. The history of developing and manufacturing glass throughout humankind is an important comparison of what we know and use today.  The Beginning of Glass… Read More

As we ring in the new year, it is time to set personal goals, and goals for your home too! Sometimes, just upgrading your surroundings can be the perfect push to motivate you in your day to day, so let us help you get started. The possibilities are endless with Anchor-Ventana Glass.   Whether it… Read More

Bonds | Anchor-Ventana Glass

As a full-service residential and commercial glass company, Anchor-Ventana Glass strives to be transparent, and glass is our passion. Here is what sets us above the competition.  Strong Relationships We treat our customers like they are one of our own. We create bonds that can’t be shattered. We appreciate quality construction, building connections, and our… Read More


Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to upgrade your old bathroom and enjoy the luxury of a frameless shower. Frameless shower enclosures are the most sought-after item at Anchor-Ventana Glass, as they provide a minimalistic, open, modern feel. Between the tried-and-true shower curtain and the classic sliding door, it is no… Read More

Have you been looking for the perfect solution to opening your space in a safe and stylish manner? Glass handrails are the answer for you! Anchor-Ventana’s glass handrails provide durability, sophisticated design, a variety of custom options, and industry-leading innovation. With a customizable elegant design potential, high safety, and low maintenance, glass handrails are rising… Read More