Framed glass showers have been around for decades and offer a beautiful option for your bathroom. While glass framed showers are an excellent aesthetic choice, there are other advantages to choosing this type of enclosure.

Great for Smaller Bathrooms

Whether you need a new shower for your guest bathroom or have smaller bathrooms in your home, a framed shower is an excellent choice for small bathrooms. Framed shower enclosures come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs that can fit into almost any bathroom space. Conventionally framed showers or shower/tub combinations can be equipped with sliding glass doors that work especially well in small spaces. Corner Models help save space and other designs that fit all sizes of bathrooms. You can choose from many options that make the most of a small, stuffy bathroom and leave more room for your other features. 

Water-Tight Sealing with Framed Showers

We all know the common frustrations of Shower Curtains. Water can splash outside onto the floor or rug, causing slipping hazards and too much moisture in the bathroom. Framed shower enclosures offer water-tight sealing, keeping the water inside the shower where it belongs. This reduces the risk of slips or falls, and mildew or moisture issues in your bathroom. 

Durable, Strong Framework

The durable framework of Framed Showers is a selling point for many homeowners that want a shower enclosure that is designed to last, made with more substantial support that may be needed for some individuals. If handicap rails or other devices are added, a framed shower may be the best option for functionality, and beauty combined!

Beautiful and Practical Framed Shower Enclosures 

Don’t trade aesthetics for practicality. With framed showers, you can get the best of both worlds! There are so many different designs and budget options that can create a functional, gorgeous bathroom space when you choose a framed shower for your remodel, new build, or renovation. 

At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we have stunning glass shower solutions, including a wide selection of framed showers in all styles and sizes. From corner showers for small bathrooms to sturdy, large double showers, you can find the design that best fits your needs and budget. Give us a call, or check out our showroom in Round Rock, TX to schedule an appointment to discuss your shower remodel with one of our glass frame shower experts.