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Do you need a stylish and cost-effective way to spruce up your outdated shower? Add elegant and attractive sliding glass shower doors of course! Adding a sleek and updated look using glass, not only elevates your bathroom, but is also functional and easy to maintain!  … Read More

Kitchens are a place to prepare meals, gather and enjoy great food with family and friends. Kitchens may also be the center of schoolwork or family craft projects. Many buyers look at the kitchen as one of the main focal points of a home. It must be welcoming and functional. Even the smallest upgrades can… Read More

Wine rooms elevate and bring elegance to any space. Whether you are a proclaimed wine aficionado, a common collector, or even someone who enjoys a glass now and then, a glass wine room can mean organization, elegance, and a way to exhibit your collection in a sophisticated and eye-catching manner.   … Read More

Mirrors are a wonderful way to open and expand any space. Mirrors can enhance any room and provide you that much-needed elegance. Anchor-Ventana Glass offers a wide variety of glass options that can be customized to your style and personality.… Read More

Frameless showers offer a variety of ways to transform and improve your bathroom, drastically increasing the enjoyment that you get out of it! The elimination of frames creates an open space to show off your gorgeous tile and produce an elevated, minimalistic feel. Additionally, frameless showers allow for more natural light and can even increase… Read More