Do you have a dull-appearing backsplash in your kitchen, or does your master bath need a little flair? Back painted glass may be the perfect accent to give your desired space an elegant and modern appearance. At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we customize gorgeous back painted glass for various surfaces, creating sleek accents that give a stunning pop of color to update your space.

What Is Back Painted Glass?

Back painted glass has become a hot décor trend in recent years. The panels are made from ultra-clear glass that is painted any color desired with spot-on technology. Just bring us a swatch! Quality paint is added to one side of the glass panel, which can be adhered to any surface. The colored side is placed toward the surface, with the unpainted side facing outward. This creates the color desired with a shiny sheen over the top.

Beyond its beauty, back painted glass has many functional benefits. It is prized for its sleek, smooth surface that is easy to clean without grout or seams that collect dirt or debris. Glass does not stain like many other materials, requiring little maintenance.

Back Painted Glass Accent Ideas

Back painted glass is used in many ways to bring color and a contemporary vibe to your home. Our team can color-match paint from a small swatch with our color-match technology. Some of the popular ways to use this versatile surface include the following:

  • Kitchen backsplash. One of the most common places back painted glass is used in the kitchen is for the backsplash. This can add a zing of color to your kitchen while providing an easy surface to clean.
  • Counter, island, or bar top. Want a smooth surface for your kitchen island or breakfast bar? Back-painted glass can add pizzazz to your counters or other table surfaces.
  • Shower walls. Back painted walls in the shower go perfectly with Anchor-Ventana Glass glass shower enclosures. This is the ultimate combination to create a modern style for your bathroom.
  • Cabinet surfaces. Give your old cabinets a new look with back painted glass. Replacing cabinets is an expensive renovation – keep your cabinets but give them a glorious makeover with shiny, bright-painted glass.
  • Home office or kid’s playroom. White or light-colored back-painted glass makes a fantastic whiteboard. Add it to your home office or playroom for a permanent whiteboard that is functional and fun. Write grocery lists, conference call notes, or let your kids express their creativity.
  • Room partitions. Glass walls are the ultimate in modern style, but if you want privacy, consider back painted panels. These can be used for room partitions or as dividers to create separate, private spaces.
  • Ceilings and walls. Back painted glass panels can be used almost anywhere to give a distinct elegance to your space, from a bright red wall in your entry to a shimmering gold bedroom ceiling.

There are so many ways that back-painted glass can be used in your home or office. If you want to explore the versatility and aesthetic options with our customized back painted glass products, contact our expert team at Anchor-Ventana Glass in Round Rock, Texas. Call us to schedule a consultation, or contact us online for a free quote.