Whenever guests are over or family gathers for the holidays, people naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to relax and have a chat, without the hosts feeling like they are neglecting their guests. With so much space spent inside it, why not plan to remodel it?

Why Remodel Your Kitchen with Glass?

The greatest concern that homeowners have about using glass in a kitchen remodeling project is that glass is easily damaged. However, the glass used for tabletops, countertops, backsplash, breakfast bars, and cabinet inserts is tempered glass. This glass comprises of using a process which strengthens it and makes it shatterproof. The tempering process, itself, also has the added benefit of making the glass resistant to heat.

That’s the good news but now it is time for the really great news. Tempered glass is a non-porous material. That means that not only will your table and countertops not harbor dirt and germs, the surfaces are much easier to keep clean. Glass surfaces are smooth, which prevents food debris and grease from sticking to the countertop. The only thing you should avoid is the use of abrasive cleaning pads which can scratch the glass.

Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops come in a variety of colors and styles, which can really make your kitchen centerpiece stand out. You should choose a tabletop that invites your guests to sit down and take a load off. Glass tabletops serve a practical purpose, too, as it is easy to keep the surface looking clean and like new. By choosing the right style and shape of tabletop for the shape of your kitchen, you can create a more open space or a cozy setting for entertaining guests.

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Glass Countertops

These countertops are extremely effective for utilizing space and creating your own unique kitchen design. You can have uniform countertops throughout, or mix things up a bit with the addition of a glass countertop with standoff base. One of the most important details in creating a kitchen that is both practical and welcoming is having enough workspace. Anchor-Ventana supplies stylish glass countertops that will make your working areas flow naturally and even provide you with more space. For a more intimate setting, you should also consider installing a glass breakfast bar so you can chat with your guests while you are preparing dinner.

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Glass Cabinet Door Inserts

Finally, to compliment the use of your cabinets you should consider choosing glass inserts for the doors. Anchor-Ventana Glass has several patterned glass options as well as clear and saten. Feeling creative? Add back painted glass to your cabinet front and write recipes, grocery lists or notes to your family.

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If you need ideas for designing your kitchen with glass, visit our ideas gallery to see how we can help inspire your vision of the ideal kitchen. Anchor-Ventana Glass has an expert team of professionals on hand to answer any questions you may have about remodeling your kitchen using glass. If you want to design a kitchen that is truly unique and wows your guests during the holidays call Anchor-Ventana Glass today.