Decorative antique mirrors immediately add a vintage and elevated look to any space, complementing any room’s antique style with grace and beauty. They open up the space while allowing that tiny room you’re trying to redo to become spacious and refined.

Antique mirrors often times have cloudiness due to years of deterioration. Anchor-Ventana’s custom mirrors offer the benefit of being seamless antique replicas while ensuring the vintage look isn’t damaged or cloudy over time.

Softened Reflections

The softened reflections of antique mirrors provide a sophisticated and distinguished look. This softened reflection gives a less harsh look to any room and is the perfect way to add simplicity and elegance. The mirror`s reflection also complements interior light levels and creates a gentle effect you won’t be able to stop staring at. Mirrors allow the space in a room to be multiplied, saving you money on more light fixtures or the need for more space. The vintage look pleasantly complements any antique décor and furniture.

The Perfect Complement

Antique mirrors are the perfect complement to antique décor and furniture. Antique furniture is a wonderful way of staying in style while remaining refined and ageless. Antique furniture and décor have a timeless quality truly giving an irreplaceable grace to any space. Our mirrors enhance this quality elevating your space.

Artistry and Elegance

The regal look of antique mirrors creates a sophisticated effect. They make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a stately and timelessly elegant home. Antique mirrors provide an artistic statement to any room and create a focal point that guests will not be able to look away from. Also, mirrors can hide any wall imperfections, making a room flow nicely.

Styles To Choose From

Anchor-Ventana Glass offers five different patterns of antique glass to choose from and works with many manufacturers with other patterns. Antique mirrors create an astonishing focal point for any space and complement antique furniture and vintage style wonderfully.  Explore our photo gallery and contact us today to get in inspired for your next vintage project!