Mirrors are not only a standout piece of decoration, but they can also be used as functional objects in the home. Whether you need to create more space, add a sensible piece of décor, or collect an interesting or beautiful object for your interior, antique mirrors are a tasteful addition to any home. Let’s learn more about the differences between antique mirrors and other mirrors, the styles, and how to get yours today at Anchor-Ventana Glass.


Antique Mirrors vs Regular Mirrors

Antique mirrors are commonly made of glass coated with silver, gold, or chrome, and there can be certain signs that give the telltale indication that a mirror is classified as antique such as imperfections in the glass and glass thickness. A regular mirror, like the frameless and framed mirrors we offer at Anchor-Ventana Glass resemble modern decor in a home, and both traditional or antique offer an interesting twist to an effective way to create the illusion of beauty and a larger space.


Practical Décor

Antique mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and with so many possibilities, they can complement any kind of interior décor as well as serve as a statement piece. They also have rich history through architectural style and glassmaking. These mirrors can also be practical décor because of their many uses, whether it be to elevate the space in your home, or give the illusion of space, and if one is looking for a way to increase their useful décor in the home, antique mirrors are the way to go.


Styles of Antique Frames

Antique mirrors have a rich history, and the designs vary from artistic periods. Style examples include Baroque-style mirrors, Georgian-style mirrors, Gothic-style mirrors, Neoclassical-style mirrors, and Regency-style mirrors.

  • Baroque-style mirrors often are identified by their gold or silver gilding with ornate carvings that can feature feathers, flowers, angels, or other themes of that matter.
  • Georgian-style mirrors have little ornamental decoration and are primarily geometric and seek to produce symmetry.
  • Gothic-style mirrors are more intricate than Baroque style mirrors, usually feature dark wood and include no gilding.
  • Neoclassical-style mirrors are rectangular and often gilded and can feature detailed carvings and iconography.
  • Regency-style mirrors feature gilding and often are made from natural mahogany and feature thinner frames than other styles.


Get Creative With Placement

Where would you want to put your antique mirror? Some of our past projects include framed beveled mirrors, French mirrors in closet doors in bedrooms, back splashes in kitchens or mirror walls. Check out our residential gallery to get inspired and order your very own antique mirror.


At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we offer a variety of antique mirrors. If you dream it, we can do it. From bedrooms to living rooms to stylish décor additions, our antique mirrors can transform any space you desire. Request a quote today, and remember to view our residential idea gallery to see all the possible ways Anchor-Ventana Glass can transform your home.Antique Mirrors