While glass may seem delicate, it is designed to be much stronger and safer than you may realize for handrails. There are many benefits to installing glass handrails beyond their beautiful and contemporary style. If you want a sleek appearance for your handrails, consider the functional and safety advantages of using glass for your project.

Strength of Tempered Safety Glass

Handrails use a special tempered glass. Unlike glass used in typical windows, tempered glass withstands heavier weight and impact. Tempered glass is on average four times stronger than conventional glass. It can handle the weight needed to provide support and protection on elevated structures. The design also allows it to shatter without leaving sharp edges, like the glass in automobiles making it safer for structural use.

Longevity of Glass Handrails

One of the many benefits is their longevity. Glass does not rot or rust like wood or metals, making it one of the best materials to use. It can be used indoors and outdoors without worrying about deterioration from the elements. Plus, the stainless steel fasteners and structural components also resist corrosion and rot This adds to the strength and longevity of glass handrails. Wooden and metal handrails become weaker with time, especially at the connections. Glass and stainless-steel handrails, on the other hand, remain safe and secure. This means fewer repairs, less maintenance and longer lasting handrails. This makes glass a wise investment for your home or business.

Improved Child Safety Features

Children have no fear when it comes to climbing and playing on handrails. Although designed to keep them safe from falling, handrails can become a hazard when a child can climb over or through them. Glass handrails have a safety advantage over conventional railings with slats and horizontal supports. Their sleek, smooth, solid design can prevent climbing through or over the barrier, making it safer for them as well as pets.

Clear View and Elegant Style

Glass handrails offer an exceptional combination of function, elegance and safety, perfect for use in many types of designs. Clear glass allows light to flow in interior spaces and clear views of the areas below. It is also excellent for exterior spaces, including multi-level decks or balconies at your home or business. Glass handrails can create stunning staircases in both commercial and residential settings.

Use Stunning Glass Handrails for Your Next Project

If you want a contemporary look with an unobstructed view for your next staircase, deck or balcony, consider glass handrails from Anchor-Ventana Glass. We are NACC certified, family-owned and have over forty years in the glass business with a reputation for excellence and outstanding customer service. Contact our team today to learn more about our exceptional glass handrails and how they can enhance your building while providing a safe barrier for your elevated areas.