Looking for an elegant and stylish way to add interest to any room? Incorporate back painted glass into your space today to add a pop of color or elevate the room with its simplicity. The glass also provides a sophisticated look unlike painting, which can look heavy and out of place.

Sleek Elegance

Back painted glass provides a sleek and elegant look. Countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets are all perfect ways to incorporate back painted glass. Back painted glass countertops and backsplashes draw the eyes and liven up your space in a way that is simple and easy to clean. This glass can also be used as a markerboard in your home office, study or place of business.

Back painted glass in bathrooms can elevate an otherwise colorless and dull space to something interesting and eye-catching. Glass is naturally anti-microbial and makes cleanup easy with a microfiber cloth and glass safe cleaner. Depending upon the color, back painted glass can also influence moods and behaviors!

Color Psychology

Adding a pop of color to a space is a great way to liven up any room and can actually influence our mood! Color psychology is the theory that certain colors have psychological effects on our moods and behaviors. This oftentimes comes up when businesses choose their brand colors, stylizing and picking colors to evoke certain emotions in customers. When choosing a color, consider how certain colors affect your mood, and the goals you have for your space.


For instance, a bright  color can energize and motivate us, while cool green and blue tones can inspire a calm feeling. These calming colors are especially effective in bathrooms and spas, as they allow us to feel relaxed and comfortable. Brighter colors like orange and yellow can inspire feelings of happiness, creativity and imagination. These colors can add the perfect contrast for kitchen counter tops or back splashes, bathrooms and offices.


Advanced Technology

Anchor-Ventana Glass’s suppliers utilize ultramodern paint technology using clear, low iron glass that produces unlimited color choices and combinations. Give us a paint color and brand name, and we can provide the exact same color. Explore our back painted glass photo gallery, plan your design and color, and request a quote today!