When you are considering colors, textures, and surfaces for your home, one unique option is back painted glass. It is the simplest way to use a pop of color to accent your kitchen, bathroom, or office! We offer a wide selection of quality back painted glass that can be used to brighten and customize your space.

What Is Back Painted Glass?

Back painted glass is a specialized type of quality, low-iron glass with your desired color painted on the backside. This provides the look of a sleek, elegant, glass texture with a pop of color. Whether you are looking for a bold red or a neutral beige, our team will walk with you through all your options to ensure we can bring your dream home to life!

Some of the benefits of using back-painted glass in your home include:

  • An ultramodern accent for your home
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Non-porous surface that resists bacteria growth
  • Custom color options
  • Versatility

Back painted glass can be used in a wide variety of ways to add a contemporary look to your home. At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we have top-quality, elegant back painted glass available for any application in residential remodels and new home construction.

Back Painted Glass Ideas

There are many ways back painted glass can add beauty and function to your home. The most popular areas to use this specialized glass is in the bathroom and kitchen, but it can be used anywhere in the home. Some ideas of how to incorporate this striking element into your home include:


The non-porous surface of back painted glass makes it ideal for a backsplash. It is sanitary and easy to clean. The glass surface keeps the paint color from fading, making this application ideal for years to come.

Feature Walls

Similar to having an accent wall to bring a pop of color into a room, back painted glass has an upscale sheen allowing light to bounce off while still providing a strong color accent.

Shower Walls

Glass walls within your shower will always mean an easier clean and an overall cleaner shower experience. With the ability to withstand humidity, steam, and water, add a back painted glass wall to create a sanitary and aesthetic ambiance.


Whether it is back painted glass products, or maybe you are just looking for a simple upgrade to your home, our Glass Experts are ready to help you make your ideas come to life! Contact us at Anchor-Ventana Glass.