Beautiful mirrors

Mirrors offer both beauty and function, from stunning mirrors in beautiful frames for an accent wall to full mirror walls within a walk-in closet. If you are looking for a creative way to add depth and the illusion of space to your home, get creative with mirrors for your interior design.

Creating Space with Mirrors

Mirrors can create the illusion of more space. Ever notice that almost every RV has several mirrors placed strategically throughout the interior? The reflection makes each room seem larger, making a confined space seem more spacious. The same technique can apply in your home.

Do you have a tiny office or bathroom that you want to give a larger appearance to? Consider adding a mirrored wall to open up the space. You’ll come away surprised at how much difference a mirror can make in a small room, adding brightness to the space. This can be used in almost any room that you want to make seem more spacious.

Functional Reflections

When do you need a mirror the most? No bathroom would be complete without a mirror above the sink. However, that is not the only place where you might enjoy the functionality of a mirror. When you are getting ready for your day, it helps to have a full view of what the world will see when you walk out your door. Here are a few functional ideas:

  • Mirrored closet. A full mirrored wall in your walk-in closet is one option to help you look your best. Another option is to add mirrors to the interior or exterior of your closet doors for a built-in full length view when you are putting yourself together in the morning.
  • Bedroom mirrored wall. Why limit yourself to a small vanity mirror when you can have a full wall to give you a good look at yourself? Set up a small vanity against the mirrored wall with all your makeup, brushes and accessories.
  • Entry hall mirror. Need to take one last look at yourself before you head out the front door? Add a beautiful mirrored wall, framed mirror or shaped mirror in your entry way so you can fix that untucked shirt or errant hair before you head out into the world.

Enjoy the View

The great thing about mirrors is that they give you a chance to enjoy the view behind you. If you have a fantastic view off your back patio, why not bring it inside as well? Or maybe you want your guests to enjoy the whole room when they are bellying up to your bar for a cocktail? Mirrored backdrops can reflect the view of the outdoors inside your home or make an excellent backsplash for your home bar, extending the views within your home.

Form & Inspiration with Mirrors

Exercise is part form, part motivation, and mirrors can help with both. If you have an exercise room in your home, add a mirrored wall to help you improve your form and keep you inspired. You don’t need to be a ballet dancer or body builder to benefit from having a full view of your form when you exercise. Keep your eye on your fitness goals by having a full view of your masterpiece right in front of you.

Arty Accent Ideas

Mirrors are not just functional; they can also be used as art. Framing a plain mirror in a fantastic unique frame can transform it into an intriguing focal point for a dining room or accent wall. You can use a variety of mirrors in various shapes, sizes and frames to create a glorious accent wall in your hallway or any interior wall. There are also many art pieces designed from mirrors that are perfect for adding a modern style to any room.

Mirrors are a wonderful way to add frivolity and function to almost any room of your home. From full, frameless mirrored walls that create the illusion of space to small framed mirrors that are charming accents. You can use the timeless elegance of mirrors to create an interesting and multiple dimensional look in your home. Be creative and consider all the options for using the reflective qualities of mirrors to open up your interior spaces.

Ready to Get Creative with Anchor-Ventana?

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