Tabletops, shelves, shower enclosures, and even handrails can be made from glass. Keep these items in mind when planning your cleaning, and here are some tips on the best ways to clean glass!

Cleaning can be daunting when you have to go over a surface again and again due to stubborn dirt and grime. Let’s dive into the best ways to clean glass, save time, and make your surfaces sparkling clean!


There are many items people swear by to clean your glass products correctly. People are always looking for the best product to produce streak-free shine! Some popular tools that people use include old t-shirts or newspaper. Here’s a secret: they both work! A squeegee, coffee filter, or microfiber cloth can get that job done as well. Paper towels are widely used but can sometimes leave traces of itself on the wet glass.

Of course, glass cleaner is needed. If you don’t have any, have no fear! It is very simple to make. Check out this recipe:

  • 1 part rubbing alcohol (to really cut through the grime), but can be replaced with water
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 3 drops of non-moisturizing/non-oxygenated liquid dish soap, like Dawn
  • Spray bottle

Best Ways to Clean Glass Surfaces

Work smarter, not harder. Follow these simple tips to keep your glass surfaces streak-free:


  1. Spray from the top and let the window cleaner drip down to pre-clean the lower part of the window while you scrub.
  2. PRO TIP: Use cotton swabs to clean out the corners and use the window solution sparingly. Too much spray on the glass surface could lead to smearing the dirt and grime instead of having it absorbed.
  3. Don’t forget about picture frames! Spraying the solution directly on the glass can lead to drying out the frame and overuse. Instead, spray your solution on a cloth or coffee filter then apply it to the glass.
  4. Tabletops: Due to their large and flat nature, tabletops can be difficult to dissect which side the streaks are on. This can lead to wiping back and forth at random streaks to get rid of them all! Instead, try cleaning on one side in an up-down motion. On the other side, wipe side-to-side to better identify the streaks.

Glass Experts

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