Custom glass also gives you the freedom to design and utilize space in the best way possible. So, no matter the size of your bathroom, you can have a beautifully designed shower enclosure.

It is important to ensure that the design is functional and – more importantly – safe. Custom glass showers present challenges. Our team can work with you to overcome these challenges.

Think Aesthetically

While a particular idea for a custom glass shower may look great in your head, remember to consider the fact that it has to reside in a larger room. The shower is often the central focus of a bathroom, so you should account for how much a custom glass shower will change the appearance of the room.

For best results, only work with a custom glass shower supplier who can offer impartial advice on how to achieve the overall look you have in mind. With our expert guidance, your vision can turn out great.

Vertical Wall Designs

For a shower enclosure to function as intended and maintain an aesthetic appeal, you need a tight fit. So, if the vertical drop from ceiling to floor is more than ¼” off, it can affect both the appearance and waterproofing of your custom glass enclosure. Our expert team of technician’s measure, cut and install the glass to fit your walls.

Glass Width

The width of glass panels is important to ensuring safety. If any section of glass is less than 4 ½” wide, it will not have sufficient strength to support other sections of the enclosure. Additionally, this width is the requirement for tempering the glass for safety.

Anchor-Ventana Glass Shower Designs

For the best results, expert advice, and a custom shower that will meet your expectations, Anchor-Ventana Glass is at your service. With decades of experience behind us, and a team dedicated to ensuring your project receives 100% attention to detail, we are your trusted glass company in Round Rock, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Our in-house expert, VentanaMan, is available to answer questions on custom glass showers and more just Ask The Glass Expert. Feel free to send us the details of the project that you have in mind, and we will get back to you with the answers that you need.