Decorative glass in all types of designer construction is a fast growing trend.

Adding these glass inserts to cabinet doors is an economical choice that anyone can take advantage of.

Having glass door inserts can be a great compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelves. Glass door inserts also make a great showcase for your precious or striking dishware, treasured mementos, decorative and collectible items. By utilizing lighting effects inside a cabinet, you can take full advantage of glass inserts. Glass doors are another option. Like a wooden or metal door, glass doors keep out dust and debris. This is especially important for dishes and glassware. At the same time, like open shelving, transparent glass doors open a kitchen up visually.

So many Cabinet Door Insert Design Options!

Because Anchor-Ventana has several design technologies available, our custom door inserts have a limitless variety of designs and looks to choose from. Clear glass is a traditional and time-honored option, but folks who want a little more variety can go a step or two further to personalize their designs. We have more choices than ever to get just the right look in your home, office or other commercial building.

Back Painted Glass

A cool thing about this glass is that it can come in whatever color you choose. Bring in a paint number for us to match to the other accents in your home or office and we’ll reproduce it perfectly. Choose to color the inserts themselves or add a pop of color by adding a Back Painted glass wall in the back of your cabinet. Showcase it and your glassware with transparent glass inserts.

Digitally Printed Glass (Dip Tech Glass)

This cutting edge technology allows for intricate and unique designs, photos, lettering, logos and patterns. Ceramic inks are permanently printed onto the glass directly from digital files for high definition and endless design options.


A great low maintenance and economical alternative to sandblasting, the DecoTherm process permanently transfers an enamel decoration to the glass for a frosted, etched look. It even comes in up to 12 colors and in high definition. This is a great option which allows varying grades of opacity or partial designs over clear or back painted glass. It can also be decorated on both sides.

Glass Beveling

Anchor-Ventana is the only place in Austin to get in-house glass beveling for your project. Beveled glass is beautiful and can add to any cabinet’s value.

Not just for the kitchen

We think of kitchen cabinets first, but most homes and businesses have cabinets in many other rooms, fulfilling a variety of purposes. Give stock cabinets and older cabinets an entirely new look. Turn ordinary cabinets into showcases for precious possessions or awards by adding glass inserts. How about those other storage cabinets that you don’t want to worry about being neat? Add colored, printed or frosted inserts for that special touch.

Add value to older or less expensive items

Not all cabinets are built-in. Most homes have some sort of free-standing cabinet, such as a buffet or dish cabinet. These may already come with display glass in the doors, but there are many other ways to use this idea when adding value to your free-standing cabinets or furniture with doors. Office desks often have a compartment for the PC tower or other equipment.

Add that modern elegant touch to any older cabinet with a coat of paint or varnish and a beautiful clear glass door insert or use one of our many design processes to personalize the glass. Your vintage and flea market finds can be more beautiful than you dreamed with a little creative glass insert design. Not all cabinet doors are ready without prep so make sure the cabinet doors have a removable panel. In some cases, a new opening might have to be cut.

Don’t want the hassle of buying new cabinets? Remake your old ones with designer glass door inserts. Need a change at minimal cost? Glass inserts can make your cabinets look stylish and new.

Talk to us about your design ideas, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.