Kitchens are a place to prepare meals, gather and enjoy great food with family and friends. Kitchens may also be the center of schoolwork or family craft projects. Many buyers look at the kitchen as one of the main focal points of a home. It must be welcoming and functional. Even the smallest upgrades can make a huge difference to any buyer. Glass in the kitchen is a wonderful way to elevate and increase your home’s value in the selling process.

Create an Elevated Look

Glass countertops and tabletops can enhance and improve any eating space. Glass can be incorporated into your counter space and customized to your home`s style and needs. This can include glass countertops or a stylish glass bar. Glass creates an elevated and updated look, boosting home value and impressing potential buyers.

Glass tabletops are the perfect way to elevate any meal and continue to keep your kitchen space clean. Glass also enables you to preserve the wood or metal look that you still crave, allowing you to show off that antique table without worry of scratches or damage. You can easily wipe away any spill or mess and continue to enjoy clean and safe meals with the family.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One area that needs the most cleaning in any home is the kitchen. Often, those who invest in countertops and tabletops with grooves and a lot of texture complain about how difficult it is to clean them. In these grooves, food and other materials can get stuck and be a breeding ground for bacteria. Often with dirty surfaces, cross-contamination can occur and result in foodborne illnesses. It is vital to keep this area clean to maintain a healthy environment for your home.

The kitchen is where food is prepared and often eaten, which is why it is important to have a space that is easy to clean and maintain. Our sleek and stylish glass is antibacterial and easily wiped free of dirt and grime. Additionally, the sleek surface better reveals where those dirty spots are, making it easy to completely wipe free of stains.

Table Tops and Glass Counters

We have a wide selection of glass options; whether it’s a glass bar top, raised glass countertops, kitchen island, glass tabletop, glass shelves, glass cabinet inserts, back splashes and back painted glass. The addition of glass is sure to boost home value and create a sleek look in any space. Blending style and function, glass countertops and tabletops are stain-resistant and the perfect way to elevate any kitchen. Contact the glass experts today to bring your kitchen vision to life!