ROUND ROCK, TX – July 17, 2019 – Press Release – Anchor-Ventana Glass is pleased to announce they now have the first four AGMT Certified Glaziers in the State of Texas on our field installation team.

AGMT is a personnel certification program that features an independent third party, assessment. The program earned ANSI accreditation earlier in the year. The program began officially testing candidates in February 2019. The testing to become certified includes a knowledge-based and performance-based test. The purpose of the rigorous exam is to assess a glazier’s knowledge, hands-on skills, and ability. To earn certification, candidates must have 7500 hours of glazing experience and demonstrate proficiency in all areas of the glazing test including storefront, curtain wall, safety, sealing, and general glazing body of knowledge.

Development of the AGMT certification began nearly 3 years ago and has included numerous members of the North American glazing industry to develop a comprehensive and thorough glazier test. The goal has been to create a testing standard that will improve the glazing industry in the long-run and establish a higher-quality caliber for construction. The program sunrise is July 31, 2019, which means Anchor-Ventana Glass is leading the way with its commitment to elevating standards at the very first opportunity with the certification.

In short, the certified glazing technician and the contractor who employs the certified technician is committed to an elevated quality standard. When a workforce has been fully evaluated and certified to have the required skills and abilities to perform work properly, the first time, it will have a positive effect on the bottom line of all involved in the construction chain.

To learn more about the AGMT Certified Glaziers program and begin the first steps of the application process, visit