There are many benefits of upgrading to the modern choice of a frameless Anchor-Ventana Glass shower. Some of these upgrades include overall lower maintenance, better lighting, and increased functionality. Frameless Showers are amongst one of the most popular products we offer for several reasons, and here is why!


Frameless Showers Allow for Flexible Design:

Most frameless shower doors come in any size, which allows the designer flexibility in optimizing your shower space. If you want an expensive, luxurious, spa-like feel, you can achieve it with the flexible design of frameless Anchor-Ventana Glass showers. Whether we’re working around bathing areas, mounted towel bars, inline glass showers, Frameless Showers will fit anywhere.


Frameless Showers Increase Space:

After we install your Frameless Shower, you will be happy to eliminate any outdated or dingy shower curtains or sliding shower doors that used to obstruct your view. With Frameless Shower doors, it allows the eye to seamlessly glide across the room and see right into the shower space, creating the sense that the bathroom is larger. Especially if your bathroom is space restricted, a frameless glass door is the way to go.


Frameless Showers are Easier to Maintain:

Did you know that with a Frameless Glass Shower, your bathroom cleaning is drastically cut-back? Nobody enjoys bathroom cleaning days, and when it comes to cleaning frameless glass, you can easily just squeegee the door and wipe the base surface of the interior/exterior shower floor and walls. Check out these shower cleaning tips to put into use for your new Anchor-Ventana Glass Frameless Shower.


It is no wonder why Frameless Showers are our most popular product, and our happy customers would agree that it is worth the investment. With better functionality, better lighting, and lower maintenance, you can be confident you made the right choice! Even if you still aren’t sure which style to choose, there are so many different glass selections available for you to see for yourself right in our Showroom! We are here to help you find the shower that you will love for years to come! Request a shower quote with Anchor-Ventana Glass today!