Frameless showers offer a variety of ways to transform and improve your bathroom, drastically increasing the enjoyment that you get out of it! The elimination of frames creates an open space to show off your gorgeous tile and produce an elevated, minimalistic feel. Additionally, frameless showers allow for more natural light and can even increase your home`s value.

Open Up Your Space

One wonderful way to open the space of your bathroom and give the illusion of more room is by installing a frameless shower. They allow for a modern look and can make your bathroom appear larger therefore increasing the value of your home. Frameless glass showers are also easy to clean and maintain due to less hardware. Thus, dirt and mildew have fewer areas to build up and your shower stays a lot cleaner.

Allow Natural Light

Your bathroom may be in desperate need of some unobstructed natural light. Installing a frameless shower will allow natural light to enter your bathroom, and in turn, you will absorb more vitamin C during your everyday routine. There are numerous benefits to basking in natural light daily, some of which include: reducing seasonal depression, improving sleep, and even reducing the health risks of florescent light. Fake and florescent light can actually increase your risk of daily migraines and strain on your eyes.

Elevate and Increase Your Home`s Value

An easy solution to increasing your home`s value is to install a frameless shower. Not only are they attractive to prospective buyers but they also elevate and modernize your space. Frameless showers demonstrate that your home is up to date with the new styles and is regularly managed and maintained. Also, a buyer’s eye will be more drawn to admire the stone and tile in your bathroom.

Show off the Stone in Your Home

Often, showers have gorgeous tile and customized work that deserves to be seen. If you have invested in redesigning the tile in your bathroom a frameless shower enables you to showcase the updated design.

Customize and Get Creative

Frameless showers don’t just come in one shape or size. At Anchor-Ventana Glass we have many options to allow you to find your perfect fit! We help you customize your bathroom into the space you have always dreamed of. First, we will measure the space for the shower glass after the tile is complete. Next, you select your glass and hardware options. Lastly, after the glass has been ordered and received in our plant, we will install the glass in your home. Upgrade your bathroom today with the addition of a frameless glass shower. Use our easy shower quoting tool to request a quote today.