Our technology allows us to custom design any look you have in mind. This applies to anywhere in your home or business. We have several ways to add color and variety to your glass designs. This results in colored glass palettes and designs limited only be your imagination.

Our clear glass provides a beautiful, sleek, modern touch to any design. Add to that a variety of colors, patterns and images and literally any design becomes possible. Anchor-Ventana offers three ways to add color and variety to your design:

  • Back Painted Glass
  • Digitally Printed Glass, otherwise known as Dip-Tech Glass
  • DecoTherm® Glass

Back Painted Colored Glass

Glass shines as a natural choice for the kitchen and bathroom with its easy clean nature. It also has great resistance to bacteria, heat and damage. Custom glass looks seamless, has the durability of stone while costing less, and never needs a sealant. Because of these qualities, glass has a variety of utilitarian uses. Traditional backsplashes used to extend only 3-6 inches above the counter ledge. Today the trend expands the backsplash all the way to the bottom of the upper cabinet. Glass completes this trend brilliantly.

Our Back Painted Colored Glass offers color in places you wouldn’t expect with glass, along with limitless combinations. Choose any accent color or bring in a paint number from the hardware store so we can match it. Can you imagine how this opens up the possibilities to brighten other kitchen areas such as counter tops, walls, built-in stove tops and islands? Don’t forget the bathroom! These combinations also extend to the other rooms in your home or commercial building. Glass doors, room dividers, signs and marker boards, cabinet doors, decorative mosaics, interior wall cladding, tabletops and more can all receive aesthetic enhancements with our technology.

Digitally Printed Colored Glass (Dip-Tech Glass)

Anchor-Ventana offers another great way to personalize your glass design for home or business: through Digital Glass Printing, or Dip-Tech Glass. This relatively new process allows any digital design to print directly onto glass, leaving a long-lasting and durable product. High-precision printers use ceramic inks to create a limitless array of colors and detail. Any logo, artwork, shape, or color combination is possible. Home and business owners can have a truly unique look literally anywhere they want.

Incorporate your design into any area of your commercial building. Digital designs that can translate to your glass range from graphic logos, drawings, decorative shapes, background designs, text, or photographic images. No middle processes interfere with definition or add to the cost of digital printing. The images print directly onto the glass surface.

Advantages of Digital Glass Printing:

  • The ability to use photo images
  • Can create panels of duplicate or continuing designs
  • Direct digital files to glass
  • Permanent designs- fused into glass
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unlimited color palette and opacity
  • Small and large format

DecoTherm® Glass, Ceramic Frit Glass Decoration

DecoTherm® Digital technology allows your custom dream design to come alive. This patented technique transfers graphic designs permanently onto glass. No sandblasting or screen-printing involved. DecoTherm can achieve the look of etched and frosted glass and comes with the added ability to reproduce any logo or image in a direct digital format. It costs less than the competitors and serves as a great alternative short run or custom decoration for glass with a variety of residential and commercial applications. This process uses pigmented Ceramic Frits enamel to fuse to the glass for many kinds of uses and projects including: offices, stores, healthcare facilities, government buildings, transportation, public spaces, religious, furniture and cabinet makers, kitchen cabinets, fireplace screens and more.

Advantages of DecoTherm® Glass:

  • Custom designs: graphics, logos, text, sketches and unlimited patterns
  • Permanent images
  • Available in twelve unique colors, frosted and etched-look designs
  • Durable, low maintenance, abrasion resistant, fingerprint resistant
  • Uses digital files- flexibility of design and high detail reproduction
  • Economical

The Choice Is Yours

As you can see, more applies to colored glass than just choosing color and texture. You truly can create a personalized statement or custom branding element that adds distinction to your home or office space.