Have you been considering making the investment of adding glass tabletops to your home? Glass has many characteristics that make it ideal for any style of home décor – modern, traditional, or antique. The versatility of glass can bring out the elegance in any interior design. Let’s find more out about glass tabletops and what we have to offer at Anchor-Ventana Glass.

Open Your Space

The transparency of glass means that there is an illusion of space. While a typical metal table obscures the view of your living space, glass tabletops allow for an uninterrupted view and allows more light to filter in. Create a more inviting, bright, and spacious living space for yourself and your family when you add a glass tabletop to your home.

Refurnish your old furniture

If you have old or antique furniture that you just can’t bring yourself to part ways with, adding a glass table top is the perfect option. With the timelessness of glass tabletops, they fit in well anywhere in the home, such as on desks, coffee tables, or dressers. The beauty of your old furniture will still be visible, as a glass tabletop highlights and emphasizes features instead of hiding them underneath like traditional table cloths or covers.



Easy to Clean

Cleaning your class tabletop is easy, which is another benefit of adding them to your home. Don’t worry about stains or paint, glass is one of the easiest surfaces to clean. Start by choosing a good quality glass cleaner that won’t leave streaks. Using a cloth or newspapers, wipe down the glass and be cautious to not use too much cleaner. Be cognizant of what the glass tabletop is framed in, because if it is non-glass or wood, keep the cleaner from the surface. Luckily, with a quick wipe down, any spill, mess, or fingerprints will disappear from the surface of the glass.

Protect and Preserve Your Furniture

If you have a precious piece of furniture that you want to protect and preserve, putting a glass tabletop over it can extend its life all the while keeping it a staple piece of your home. Also, you can get creative when it comes to glass tabletops, as we make round, square, rectangle, and more. Compared to standard wooden or metal tables, the base is important here, so choose wisely what is underneath your new glass table.


Anchor-Ventana’s stunning glass tabletops will protect your wood, marble or metal table surface, leaving it safe from spills, stains, dings and scratches, as well as transforming your furniture into a stunning addition to any living space. Take your décor from worn down to sleek and modern by getting your Anchor-Ventana Glass tabletop today!