Glass showers are a wonderful addition to any home. They open up bathrooms and make them more spacious. Showers have endless crevices and difficult to access areas, that’s why having a gorgeous, elegant frameless glass shower allows you to easily clean scum and hard water mineral buildup.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. This includes water with high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Signs of hard water in your home may be such things as ugly stains on sinks and tubs, clothes looking dull, chalky residue on dishes and on the dishwasher, and even white calcium buildup in the shower. It can also leave you with hard to rinse off soap residue after showers and even cause skin sensitivity issues.

The Ease of Cleaning Frameless Glass Shower

A benefit of purchasing frameless shower doors is that they are easy to maintain and clean. No rough grooves or small crevices. Instead, you can clean these hard water stains quite easily. First, you’ll want to gather a few items you can use to clean it.

Materials Needed

1.) microfiber cloth

2.) white vinegar

3.) liquid or powder cleanser

4.) spray bottle

5.) gloves

6.) facemask

You can customize and research the best cleansers on the market that fit your needs. Some are organic all-natural and order free. Once you have your choice of cleanser and have collected the supplies, you can begin a vinegar soak. Take a sheet and soak it in vinegar then lay it against the glass of your shower. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse off. Use your chosen cleanser and put all it over the hard water stains and begin to wipe with microfiber cloth, rinsing well afterward. In no time your frameless shower will be sparkling.

The Benefits of Making Your Frameless Shower Sparkle

Removing hard water stains is not only good for your health and keeping your bathroom clean, but it can truly let those frameless glass showers shine. Shower doors can be great for opening up the space, while a clean and sleek door can make the bathroom look more spacious and boost a home`s value. Also, frameless showers allow for more natural light to enter the bathroom. If your glass is dingy and stained from hard water it won’t allow as much light in. Also, your sleek shower door should match and amplify the beautiful tilework or other features of your shower to enhance them.

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