As we ring in the new year, it is time to set personal goals, and goals for your home too! Sometimes, just upgrading your surroundings can be the perfect push to motivate you in your day to day, so let us help you get started. The possibilities are endless with Anchor-Ventana Glass.


Whether it is an elegant wine room to display your collection, a larger, sleeker shower, glass shelf installations, and a sliding barn door entrance are all concepts that can begin to distinguish your home from the rest on the block.


Wine Rooms

Wine cellars are important to any person interested in wine as both an investment and a hobby, and wine rooms are increasingly growing in popularity. By installing a wine room near your living space or kitchen area, it allows you to show off your collection, and can bring more depth into your living space. Need inspiration? View our installations here.

Upgrading your home with a wine room can help organize and display your collection, save you money in the long run with wine preservation, and becomes the your new conversation piece when you have visitors in your home!


Upgraded Showers

Did you know that showering can increase your energy and boost your mood? Make your sacred shower space even better by upgrading with Anchor-Ventana Glass. There are many different options to choose from, such as frameless, sliding glass, semi-frameless shower enclosures, and framed shower enclosures. Save space and open up your bathroom by throwing out the old curtain, or saying goodbye to your outdated glass pattern.


Frameless shower doors provide a clean, open, and modern feel. Embrace minimalism with our extensive hardware selection for frameless enclosures. Semi-frameless enclosures combine the openness of a frameless shower door with the cost-effectiveness of a framed shower. A framed shower combines practicality with aesthetics. The classic, clean, design of a framed shower works perfectly to complete the look of your newly built or remodeled bathroom and makes dirty old shower curtains obsolete. Glass and hardware options are also available for every budget.

home goals


Glass Shelves

Tired of boring old wooden cabinets and shelves? Elevate your space this year with Anchor-Ventana’s extensive selection of custom cabinet glass that is created with the highest standard of excellence. In addition, show off your own personal style and sophistication. Anchor-Ventana Glass can help you add a new dimension of splendor to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or any other area of your home or office. There are extensive options to choose from, so why wait any longer?


Sliding Barn Doors

The demand for sliding glass barn doors is rapidly growing because of their unique and impactful design. Sliding glass barn doors bring a modern-country look to the home and can add a simple elegance to a room without sacrificing light, space, or functionality… Perfect for anyone new to the Austin, Texas area! Adding a back painted or etched glass can even make it appear to be artwork within your home. Check out some of our glass barn doors here!

Your Goals

In the upcoming year, check your list of resolutions, and consider the benefits of adding an Anchor-Ventana Glass remodel to your home. Enhancing your space can allow surprising gains in you and your family’s life, and Anchor-Ventana Glass has many options and solutions to make these dreams a reality. Contact us today to request a quote.