Remodeling your bathroom? If you’re going for the ultimate home upgrade, check out the Anchor-Ventana frameless shower. Aside from its sleek design, investing in a frameless shower enclosure has many benefits such as space optimization, functionality, easier cleaning, and better visibility in the shower. Consider these benefits the next time you take a shower and imagine the luxury you could experience!


Low Maintenance

Since it does not have metal frames or tracks, it is lower maintenance than other alternatives and is less likely to cause mold and mildew buildup. The glass panels don’t collect water which eliminates the chance of uncleanliness that typical showers have. To clean your shower, use a squeegee to wipe away water residue after each shower, and that’s it! No more hidden or hard-to-reach places within your bathroom.


Better Lighting

Having a good flow of light in your bathroom is essential to a successful daily routine…inside your shower is no exception. Normally, showers are surrounded by a clinging curtain which blocks the flow of light into your space. Since frameless showers are most often installed as pure, simple glass, light is able to pierce through it as if there is nothing there!


frameless shower


Increases Bathroom Functionality

Don’t fear water leaks when considering a frameless shower because with the expertise of Anchor-Ventana Glass, the perfect cut and fit is guaranteed. It can prevent problems of leakage. With careful install, we use pivoting hinges on the doors, which creates a swinging outward and inward motion, making this shower versatile no matter the size of your space.


Get Your Frameless Shower

Frameless showers are one of the most popular products at Anchor-Ventana Glass, and our customers would agree that it is worth the investment. With better functionality, low maintenance, and better lighting, it is no wonder why it is our most popular style! Still not sure? With so many different glass selections available, we are here to help you find the shower that you will love! Request a shower quote with Anchor-Ventana Glass today!