Wooden railings tend to obscure sight-lines, and fences completely block the view, causing a patio, porch or balcony to feel closed in and small. Glass handrails from Anchor-Ventana open and lighten up your outdoor living space, creating a more harmonious blend for your patio with natural light and surrounding nature. In urban landscapes, glass handrails can create a sleek and modern look. In general, most people agree that glass is beautiful and complimentary to the décor of homes and businesses.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Constructed from tempered glass panels attached to metal frames, glass handrail systems are sturdy and safe. Glass handrail systems have a solid no-maintenance record and will require no more attention than your home’s windows. Metal frames and glass panels naturally resist water corrosion, and clean up simply with soap and water. Unlike hardwood rails that contract or expand, your glass handrails will not degrade over time. Finally, the glass panels can withstand extreme temperature changes as well as wind. They are not easily cracked, but since tempered glass is safety glass, if a panel was to break the glass would reduce to small pebbles.


With proper installation, new glass panels can cost much less than you might imagine. You can also say goodbye to the additional yearly expense and time spent stripping or staining wooden rails and fences. Another cost-saving feature is that because these glass railing systems are so durable, it will be years before you have to think about replacing the glass panels.

Glass Handrails Around Pools Are Preferred

Who doesn’t like a pool in the back yard? When creating a place for your family to relax, it’s also important to make sure it’s safe. Providing a safe environment while adding style is a win win situation. Reasons to consider glass handrails for your pool:


Glass railings add more than just aesthetics; they are safe. Kids and pets need to be monitored around your pool. Not only are glass handrails effective barriers when you want little ones away from the pool, but glass doesn’t obscure the view to the pool from outside. Anyone can easily see the occupants in the pool from the house, back window or the patio without obstruction from a rail or fence, which could hide potentially dangerous situations. Glass railings are also durable: withstanding heavy winds and moderate impact.


You can let the kids splash all they want. Glass handrails do not become damaged over time from water like metal or wooden railings and fences do. Tempered glass handrails are also extremely weather resistant.


Transparent glass is a subtle addition to your pool area and can blend in and compliment any kind of theme or décor. It’s not obtrusive and can make your pool area appear larger and more open.


You want to get on with having fun and setting up that pool party, right? You’re glass handrails will never have stains; soapy water and a squeegee is all you need to make sure your glass handrails sparkle.

Not Just for Outdoors

For some of the same reasons you’d want glass handrails in your outdoor space, consider them indoors as well. Do you have a loft or second floor overlooking a lower space? Wouldn’t it be nice to open up that view while keeping it safe? A glass handrail would do just that. Having a glass handrail system installed around stairs is a great compromise between the modern style of an open staircase and the security of a one with a wooden rail and posts. These glass handrails open up indoor spaces to more natural light and help the home appear more spacious and less cluttered. Just like they do outdoors.