Anchor-Ventana Ensures the Best Quality

Glass countertops and tabletops are a stylish way to protect your fine wood surfaces while allowing the elegance of the wood to be seen. Whether you need a glass counter for the kitchen, or glass tabletop for the dining room, our experts will listen and help. We’ve been providing fabulous glass tabletops to homeowners since 1977.

At Anchor-Ventana, we understand that utility and style are equally important when it comes to glass counter and tabletops. They can instantly up the appeal and quality of your living space, and they are a great way to restore an old piece that you really like. The simple addition of glass can bring shine to a dull space or piece of furniture. Any table looks good with glass on it, and when you use Anchor-Ventana Glass, you know you are getting the highest quality glass that is sturdy and durable.

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