Glass Table Tops keep furniture safe from spills, stains, dings and scratches, as well as a stunning addition to any living space.

It’s perfect if you’re looking to get a modern touch of glass in your home. Think it can’t be done? Call us and choose from a variety of customizable edge work, thicknesses and tailored shapes to fit even the most unique spaces in your home.

Anchor-Ventana Glass has the ability to create stunning glass table tops, built to your specifications. When you add glass to your table’s surface, you are not only boosting its appeal, you are also protecting its surface from possible damages. If you are ready to refresh an older piece of furniture without having to deal with stains or paint, Anchor-Ventana’s glass table tops are a great option. You can use a glass table top to add shine, color, or simply as a protective surface without all the mess. Anchor-Ventana’s glass table tops look great on any surface including dressers, desks, or coffee tables, while also making it easy to clean them.

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