Wine rooms elevate and bring elegance to any space

Whether you are a proclaimed wine aficionado, a common collector, or even someone who enjoys a glass now and then, a glass wine room can mean organization, elegance, and a way to exhibit your collection in a sophisticated and eye-catching manner.   

Display Your Collection 

Wine rooms can elegantly display your collection while also protecting the breakable bottles. While wine cellars can offer the perfect solution to ensuring that your wine collection is protected, a glass wine room brings a sleek and clean look to any wine cellar while ensuring your wine bottles remain at the optimal temperature for preservation. A glass wine room can also be an easy and affordable way to boost your home’s value. The wine will be displayed in a modern and elevated manner, catching the eye of any buyer. 

Glass wine rooms provide the opportunity to exhibit any collection. Promising a space where labels can be displayed and organized to the collectors liking. A passionate wine collector can take count of their collection and identify what their next purchase will be.  

Customized for You 

Glass wine rooms can be customized to your liking – fitting your home`s decor and stylized with a specific taste in mind. Our glass protects wine bottles from any wandering hands, while also creating an upscale look to your home. 


Popular installations include a floating or frameless glass look and can be the perfect way to incorporate wine bottles into any space —a seamless and elegant addition to any home. If your wine collection is hidden away in storage, consider making it a centerpiece. Anchor-Ventana Glass can give you an artful way to display the collection. A glass wine room compliments wood bases, covering wooden wine racks and other designs to preserve your home’s look and feel. 

Anchor-Ventana Glass utilizes the latest technology and products to bring your ideas  to life. Offering various ways to display your wine collection in an elevated manner, sure to impress any guest. View our gallery or contact the glass experts to get started today!