Remodeling with moving glass wall systems will completely transform the look of your home

Moving wall systems are also a great practical choice for homes with limited space. As the door does not open up into the room, you can better utilize the available space without obstruction. In addition to that space-saving functionality, mirrored or glass room dividers provide a greater sense of space and openness in smaller homes and rooms.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

A sliding glass shower door allows for ease of access, which is especially important for homeowners with mobility problems, or families with small children. Besides functionality, sliding glass shower doors are easily adaptable to any bathroom style. Although there are a number of different styles available in sliding glass shower enclosures, the two main types are framed and frameless. Framed glass sliding doors bring focus to the shower or bath, whereas frameless sliding doors create a more uniform appearance which is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it makes the room look much larger.

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Sliding Glass Closet Doors

Using glass in your sliding closet doors addresses two issues for homeowners. In smaller rooms, glass sliding closet doors make the room look larger and allow you to better utilize the available space. Mirrored sliding doors are also a practical solution, as you have a readily available full length mirror for getting dressed each morning. They eliminate the need to find wall or floor space for a full-length mirror, while, at the same time, creating an illusion of a more spacious room. You can also change your décor knowing that your glass closet doors will perfectly reflect each new choice of color and style.

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Moving Patio Doors

As one of the main areas of airflow and light into your home, your patio doors will really benefit from a moving wall system. The amount of natural sunlight into your home will significantly increase and, when it’s cold outside, you will always have a view of your yard or patio from inside your home. Moving wall systems also can include energy efficient glazing options to increase heat retention during the cooler months, so your home will stay warmer for longer. For you, that means energy efficiency and a reduction in heating costs. In the warmer months, the energy efficient glazing serves to insulate against the heat from the sun. Moving wall systems are usually a wider style, which means they can be a great access point when moving large furniture items into or out of the home.

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Sliding Office Doors

Homeowners who have a working office know the struggles of privacy versus space. Some days you will want to keep the doors closed, so you can work in peace. However, there will be other times when you want to let a little extra air flow into the office. Home offices are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house. Sliding glass doors will allow you to leave the door open, without making the room too cramped. Similarly, when the door is closed, the glass doors won’t feel as claustrophobic, while still having the luxury of a quiet, interruption free workspace.

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Ready to Remodel?

No matter which style or placement you decide to go with, moving wall systems are an exceptional choice when remodeling. Glass is the perfect complement to any décor and every style of home. To find out more, contact the glass experts of Anchor-Ventana Glass today!