Do you need a stylish and cost-effective way to spruce up your outdated shower? Try a sliding glass shower door!

Add elegant and attractive sliding glass shower doors of course! Adding a sleek and updated look using glass, not only elevates your bathroom, but is also functional and easy to maintain!


Stylish and Modern

Sliding Glass Shower doors are one of the most popular shower designs out there. They have a clean and modern finish, allowing for the focal point to be the beautiful tilework of your shower. Installing a sliding glass door will enhance the look of any bathroom, drawing potential buyers into one of the most important rooms in the household.

Clean and Easy to Maintain

Glass shower doors enable you to skip all the stress and mess of picking out shower curtains. Not only is it a pain to constantly replace shower curtains or liners due to wear and tear, but shower curtains can also get very dirty. This means an accumulation of dirt, mold, grime, and bacteria. In fact, shower curtains are often the dirtiest parts of the bathroom, with detections of 60 times the number of germs on shower curtains than toilet seats! This is why the clean, and easy alternative is a sliding glass shower door.

Sliding glass shower doors allow for reduced maintenance. Instead of constantly buying new shower liners, you can easily wipe away dirt and grime! Glass is more likely to show where dirt and soap scum has accumulated, allowing you to clean it free of bacteria! Instead of curtains that tend to grow mildew and mold, you can keep a clean and safe space for your loved ones with glass showers! Use warm water and soap formulated for glass showers to keep your glass shower looking fresh and clean!

Functional and Customizable

A sliding glass shower door is functional and sure to modernize and refresh any bathroom space. Not only are they more functional, sliding doors are better at keeping the water inside, and keep you warm post-shower – even if the door is cracked a little!

There are a variety of sliding glass shower door options from Anchor-Ventana Glass. Available in framed and frameless options, give your bathroom an unobstructed view and create a unique look and feel. Call us to add versatility and boost your home value by installing a sliding glass shower door today!