Sliding Shower Enclosures for Summer

Did you know that having an extra bathroom in your home can increase its value by 5%? If you’re in the process of adding another bathroom to your home, or simply renovating, at Anchor-Ventana, we have the perfect solution – a sliding shower door! If you have a space restriction or need to accommodate a tight fit, sliding shower enclosures make for an upscale solution. We offer a variety of options available in both framed and frameless, and the possibilities are endless. Here are the top benefits of installing a sliding shower enclosure in your bathroom this summer.

Easy to clean

Sliding shower doors drastically reduce the amount of bathroom cleaning time, as a simple spray and wipe will do the job every time! We offer a variety of types of glass to choose from, so no matter what shower you choose, you will find that cleaning is easy when you choose Anchor-Ventana Glass. We suggest a microfiber cloth as the best method for cleaning the shower door from grout and rust.

Save space

Depending on the size of your bathroom, installing a swinging shower door may not always be an option. Sliding shower doors prevent your bathroom from crowding and create an illusion of space in your bathroom. Instead of a swinging door that may hit other objects in the room, or create a feeling of a cramped space, a sliding door creates an easy and safer shower entrance and exit.

Luxurious aesthetic

Enhance the appearance of your bathroom with Sliding Glass, and when you upgrade your bathroom with a sliding glass shower door, you eliminate the need for an outdated shower curtain. While some shower curtains may add a pop of color or a fun design to a bathroom, they often cause difficulty when it comes to longevity and sanitation. It is easy for damp curtains to create mold and mildew from regular shower use. Impress guests with a beautiful shower as the staple of your bathroom!


Sliding shower doors prevent water from spilling out of the shower. This can be a major pet peeve for most, as constantly wiping up your bathroom floor after a shower can get old. In addition, water on the floor can be a hazard for slipping and falling. Sliding shower doors are an effective solution for making sure water stays in the shower, especially if you have young children or taking care of elderly parents.

In addition, sliding glass shower doors add light to your shower compared to using a regular shower curtain. This can increase the functionality and improve your showering routine, as it is easier to bathe and enjoy the atmosphere with better light quality.

Can be customized

If you are struggling to find the perfect-sized shower door for your bathroom and have been limited in options, customized sliding shower doors are the perfect solution. We offer many choices, and you can get your customizations when you talk to one of our experienced team members or get a shower quote using our quote tool!

Ready to remodel your bathroom with a sliding shower enclosure? Anchor-Ventana is the place to start. With over 45 years of experience and an experienced team of professional estimators, experienced glaziers, expert project managers, and certified technicians, we deliver only the highest quality service.  Request a shower quote today based on your desired enclosure type – framed, frameless, and semi-frameless – and shower measurements. You’ll find yourself enjoying your easy-to-clean, space-saving, practical, and luxurious sliding shower enclosure from Anchor-Ventana Glass soon!