Glass showers are wonderful additions to any bathroom. Not only do they elevate the space and add elegance, but they are easy to clean and maintain, and boost home value. Anchor-Ventana Glass showers top the charts in safety and durability. As a registered dealer, Anchor-Ventana Glass also offers a variety of options using ShowerGuard® glass. ShowerGuard® has a lifetime warranty.


Corrosion & Dulling

One effect of hard water stains, mineral buildup, high heat, humidity, dirt, and soap scum is the potential for glass showers to erode and dull in appearance. This also results in showers becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. ShowerGuard® protects against these elements, ensuring that your shower glass will last for years to come. Conducting independent laboratory testing, ShowerGuard® was shown to outperform the competition, remaining protected and easier to clean.

Hard Water Build Up

Hard water can be the enemy of a clean and sleek shower. Hard water causes buildups of minerals on the glass surface, developing a chalky, white residue. The reason for this? After a shower, magnesium and calcium deposits are left behind when the water evaporates. This can be incredibly costly to clean and eventually corrodes and damages your glass shower.  ShowerGuard® utilizes a sputtering coating technology to apply a protective coating fused to the glass surface. This ensures that your glass shower remains resistant to hard water buildup and those ugly hard water stains.

Easy to Maintain

ShowerGuard® already helps to prevent dirt, scum, and hard water buildups from forming. Practicing periodic maintenance is vital to ensuring that your investment stays clean, and your bathroom stays safe. When cleaning is needed, a soft cloth or sponge paired with a common household cleaner will do the trick! If your home is prone to hard water, use an acidic cleaner. If you have softer water, typically all that is needed is a common glass cleaner. If you need a recommendation, Anchor-Ventana Glass will help to supply you with the right Guardian ShowerGuard® cleaner.

Stylish and Elegant

Did you know, bathrooms can often make or break the sale of a home? Therefore, glass showers often add that much-needed elegance and high-end look to any bathroom, opening the space and even showing off beautiful tile work. As a registered ShowerGuard® dealer, we offer the highest quality glass options. You can choose from a variety of options customized to your liking. From frameless to framed options, we can help you find the best fit for your bathroom. Get your perfect shower by completing our Shower Quote Tool today!