What’s the difference? Tempered and non-tempered or standard glass differ primarily in how they are created. Standard glass is created through an annealing process of rapid cooling. Many glass manufacturers prefer this method because it allows them to make more glass in a shorter amount of time. Tempered glass is created through a process that cools it at a much slower rate, which makes this glass 4 times stronger on average than standard glass.


Tempered glass is often referred to as safety glass and for good reason! Because of the cooling process it goes through, it is much more resistant to impacts and scratches. If it does break, the glass will break into small, blunt pieces throughout the entire sheeting, rather than non-tempered glass, which will break into large, dangerous shards. It is used in automobiles, skylights, furniture and cell phone screens because of the way that it shatters. When a rock hits a windshield, it just leaves a crack; it doesn’t completely shatter like a glass plate that is dropped. This is because the windshield is created with tempered glass.

Strength of Tempered Glass

It is not only safer when it does break, but it is also less likely to break overall. It is stronger than standard glass, which makes it ideal for structural use in products such as shower doors, handrails, shelving, and walls. Tempered glass is able to handle the weight needed to provide support for these projects.

Make the safer choice

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