Antique mirrors have many benefits when added to the home. They are beautiful, stately, and can add interest and artistry to any room. Finding a spot for antique mirrors anywhere in your home is simple, as you can both hang them or lean them against walls. These statement pieces of decor can be used to effortlessly embellish any corner, nook, hallway, or room.

Mirrors are prized for their aesthetic value, but they also serve several functional purposes. Let’s look at a few ways these gorgeous antique pieces can enhance your home and some unique ways to use them to create an elegant atmosphere.

It Improves a Home’s Appeal

Adding a mirror to a room can make it more beautiful and enjoyable. Use a mirror’s reflection to draw attention to a beautiful vase or another eye-catching feature, for example.

It Makes a Great Atmosphere for Your Guests

Antique mirrors are highly suitable for “feng shui” design. Mirrors emphasize the intended use of each room, creating a more intentional design. For example, you can hang a large antique mirror over the mantle of a fireplace to tone down the harshness of the flames. Another great idea: you can add a mirror to your foyer to make visitors feel more welcome into an inviting and open space.

It Creates the Illusion of a Larger Space

Include antique mirrors in your decor if you have smaller rooms or spaces. The reflective nature of a mirror will make a small bathroom or bedroom appear more spacious.

Antique mirrors can also be used to open up a narrow hallway. To make the corridor appear more spacious, place a few identical mirrors next to one another along the wall.

It Enhances a Room’s Lighting

An antique mirror’s reflection can be used to boost the brightness of a room. Mirrors are a useful tool when it comes to brightening up a dark home or a poorly lit room. To add extra natural light to the room, hang mirrors on the opposite wall of a window. Mirrors can also be positioned to reflect artificial lighting too.

If you have a chandelier in your dining room, try hanging an antique mirror to reflect the beauty and brilliance of the lighting fixture.

It Provides Additional Security

Half-sphere mirrors are used by security personnel to keep an eye on potentially dangerous individuals in retail establishments. Antique mirrors placed strategically throughout your home can provide a similar effect, allowing you to see around walls and entrances to provide additional security.

Antique Mirrors Make a Statement

Strategically placed mirrors make a bold design statement. You can create an eye-catching statement with oversized or fancy framed mirrors. Display them where everyone can see them, such as on the walls of a luxurious dining room.

Leaning a tall, slim mirror against the room’s corner can add character to dressing rooms and closets. You could also add a light behind the mirror to make a more dramatic statement.

Discover Your Perfect Antique Mirror

The ideal antique mirror will blend seamlessly into various home décor styles, from artistic, chic settings to classic arrangements. It can create a look that is sophisticated and playful.

If some of these ideas have inspired you, Anchor-Ventana Glass has a large selection of antique mirror options, custom to you! Check out our previous mirror applications for inspiration that will add beauty and charm to your home. Please contact us today if you have questions or want more details on one of our stunning pieces!