Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to upgrade your old bathroom and enjoy the luxury of a frameless shower. Frameless shower enclosures are the most sought-after item at Anchor-Ventana Glass, as they provide a minimalistic, open, modern feel. Between the tried-and-true shower curtain and the classic sliding door, it is no wonder our timeless frameless shower is the ultimate upgrade.


Allow for better lighting

Frameless Showers improve visibility within the shower space by allowing natural and artificial light to shine directly through. Our customers notice they feel more refreshed in the morning due to better lighting and a sense of pride in your new bathroom.


Makes a space feel larger

Anchor-Ventana customers are always surprised when they realize their shower curtains and sliding shower doors made their bathrooms feel closed off and smaller. With frameless glass shower doors, you can see everything in your bathroom as one room, with a sense of expanded space. Frameless showers are especially popular for smaller spaces for this reason. With frameless shower doors, your bathroom will feel cleaner, brighter, and more spacious.


Cleaner and easier to maintain

Frameless showers have fewer seals, therefore, there are less places for water and soap to gather and build up. To clean your shower, all you need is a squeegee handy to effortlessly swipe away any water residue! Say goodbye to hard-to-reach areas and enjoy a clean shower space every day.


Wide range of motion and functionality

The hinges on our frameless doors pivot, allowing for a swinging outward or inward motion. Because of this, our shower doors can open in any direction, allowing for fewer limitations based on your unique space. Our installers will measure the space prior to install to ensure your shower door is planned for proper positioning.


Change the design of your bathroom

Showers have a large influence on the overall design of your bathroom, as they typically take up the most space. Frameless Showers make the room feel more spacious, airy, and allow for attention to be drawn to other features of the bathroom, such as the stone or marble tiles that are typically hidden behind a curtain.

Your New Frameless Shower

At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we have a frameless shower for you. Make this dream a reality, and invest in your future shower for easier maintenance, better functionality, an upgraded design, and a sense of pride in your space! We have different glass selections available or can showcase an open feel with a clear glass option. Request a shower quote with Anchor-Ventana Glass today!