Mirrors are a wonderful way to open and expand any space

Mirrors can enhance any room and provide you that much-needed radiant elegance. Anchor-Ventana Glass offers a wide variety of glass options that can be customized to your style and personality.

Why is a Reflection So Important?

Not only do mirrors elevate your space and add a touch of sophistication, but they’re essential for your mind as well. A look into a mirror daily can have a drastic impact on our psychological well-being. Reflections can help us develop and establish our sense of self, helping us to recognize context and practice facial interactions. They also allow us to shift our perspective.

Mirrors also provide us with the opportunity to look at ourselves with intention, seeing the beauty both on the surface and within. A daily glance into the mirror can also help to reaffirm a sense of self, thus making us more attuned to social cues and interactions. It stimulates face to face interaction; this is often used in self mirroring to reduce anxiety and self soothe. Lastly, they connect us with our physical bodies and have been used in therapy to alleviate phantom limb pain.

The Beauty of a Mirror

The beauty of a mirror is that it can be a wonderful tool to develop our sense of self, restore confidence with the right mindset, and connect us with others. Not only can mirrors help our psyche, but they also can improve and elevate any room. They can reflect your sense of style and decor and add personality to any room.

Which Custom Mirror is Right for You?

Anchor-Ventana Glass has a variety of glass that is perfect for almost any style and frame. We have the capability to customize most mirror shapes. Additionally, we partner with Central Texas Art and Framing Gallery to provide customers with a wide variety of framing options. Frameless and Framed Mirrors help transform bare walls by adding character and can even create an illusion of having a larger space! We offer polished or beveled edge options.

Our antique mirrors are an ideal way to marry a vintage style with a fun and fresh look. We stock five different antique mirror patterns and have many more selections from our suppliers.

Browse our selection of custom mirrors today and find a style that best fits you!