With that said, finding mirrors that fit just right, both in size and style, is not exactly easy. You find the right height, but the width is off. The dimensions are perfect, but the style and colors clash with your décor. When you take into consideration that you may have to go through this process for multiple rooms, it’s easier to settle for close enough.

With a custom mirror, you get to choose the dimensions, style and features that you want. There is no need for long hours of shopping, as you can simply take measurements and have your mirrors customized to your specific requirement.

So, why buy a custom mirror? There are a number of scenarios where a custom mirror will add functionality and style to your home. While you will probably have your own unique needs, it helps to understand how a custom mirror generally makes life much easier for everyone.


Although the bathroom is generally a private space, there are times when more than one household member will need to use the mirror at the same time. For instance, mornings are especially stressful as everyone scrambles to get ready for work or school.

If you have ever visited a gym, you may have noticed that they usually have horizontal mirrors in the changing areas. That is because it is likely that a number of people will need to use the mirror at any given time. So, if you have a busy home, it makes sense to have a bathroom mirror that is larger. Everyone can get ready at the same time, without having to form an orderly line at the door.


Unless you live with a group of clones, it is likely that each member of the family will have their own individual style. That makes buying mirrors for bedrooms challenging, to say the least. By buying custom mirrors, you can match the style and practicality to each room. Regardless of the room size, you can have a custom made mirror to fit the space.

Custom mirrors are also great for making the best use of light. Larger rooms are harder to illuminate, which results in areas of the room looking dark and dull. However, a custom mirror in the right location can reflect light and give the room added brightness. You can also use custom mirrors to add functionality to kids’ rooms. For younger kids, horizontal mirrors are perfect for collectable displays; whereas, for the teenagers in your life, full length custom mirrors are a sure winner.

Living Areas

Again, you can strategically place mirrors in living areas to create the impression of more space, or to reflect light. On the other hand, you may want mirrors as decorative focal points. Regardless of your need, custom mirrors are the most practical solution. There is no need to compromise on your vision, as you can dictate the style, size and shape of each mirror.

Another benefit of a custom mirror is the ability to completely transform the appearance of a room. When you consider the cost of decorating a living space, it is much cheaper to buy a custom mirror. You will still have either the same or improved functionality, with the added bonus of breathing new life into your living area.

Selecting Custom Mirrors

While practical tips on functionality and placement are useful, choosing custom mirrors can still present challenges. The vision you have in your head may not always play out as you hope. Therefore, it is essential that you only purchase custom mirrors from an experienced, reliable supplier.

The main benefits of custom mirrors are functionality, aesthetics and style. So, you need a supplier that can see through your eyes and bring your ideas to life. That’s why we are confident that Anchor-Ventana Glass is the right choice for you. We promise to not only deliver on your vision, but exceed your expectations.

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