Whether you are updating an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom in your home, one of the main considerations should be how to enclose your shower. To create the ideal balance of function and beauty, consider investing in a high-quality sliding shower enclosure. 

The old-fashioned shower curtain is an outdated way to enclose your shower. Shower curtains are unreliable for keeping in water splatter, they frequently invade your space while showering and can be a pain to keep clean. Glass shower doors offer many advantages and with a sliding shower enclosure, you have many styles from which to choose. At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we have high-quality sliding glass doors that come in many designs and size options and provide many benefits over other enclosure options. 

Benefits of Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding glass shower enclosures can be used for stand-alone showers or shower/tub combinations. When you invest in a high-quality sliding glass shower door, you can enhance your shower experience. Some of the benefits of choosing this style of door for your bathroom remodel or building project include the following:

  • Space savers. One of the reasons our customers choose a sliding shower enclosure over a hinged door is the space it saves. For smaller bathrooms without room for swinging doors, sliding glass offers a beautiful yet functional option. 
  • Versatile design options. When you choose a high-quality sliding shower door, you have many options in design. Sliding glass doors are ideal for allowing you to enter from either side, and there are framed, frameless and semi-framed designs. 
  • Upgraded style. If you have used curtains in the past, a quality glass slider can give your bathroom a huge upgrade in style, creating a more modern and updated look. 
  • Functionality. Our high-quality sliding shower doors are made with the best materials that allow for easy-to-slide doors that are made to last. We offer sturdy metal frames for traditional sliders or high-end clear polycarbonate side jams and top hangers for an “all-glass” shower look. 

Frameless Sliding Shower with Corner in Bathroom | Shower Gallery | Anchor-Ventana Glass

There are endless options in sliding glass shower enclosures that can give your bathroom a gorgeous look with ideal space-saving capabilities. Plus, these doors come equipped with towel rack handles that come in all types of finishes to match your bathroom style. 

Custom High-End Sliding Shower Enclosures 

At Anchor-Ventana Glass, we only use the best quality glass, metals and components to create our stunning sliding glass enclosures. 

It’s worth the investment to choose the best quality glass and design for your new or upgraded shower enclosure. With sliding shower enclosures from Anchor-Ventana Glass, add a beautiful style and function to your bathroom. Call us today to learn more about all our high-quality sliding shower enclosures or visit our showroom in Round Rock, TX.